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Attention KW pet owners… CULTURED Pet Week is here!! This week we will be featuring local pet companies, showcasing the best dog parks, sharing adorable pet pics and giving away some serious swag. Check out our Instagram for contest details and snap a pic of your urban pet to enter! We want to see the pets of KW in their element! Have you been thinking about getting a fluffy condo companion but don’t know where to start? These 5 breeds are ideal for a low-maintenance, flexible lifestyle: English BulldogAs long as you’re cool with a little bit of drool, the English Bulldog is about as relaxed as they come. This medium-sized breed is inherently lazy and doesn’t require a whole lot of exercise… which means you’ll have the perfect companion for your lazy Sunday Netflix binge.  Cavalier King Charles SpanielAlthough the name is a mouthful, this friendly, easy-going breed certainly won’t be a handful. They are cute as can be and their calm and adaptable personality makes them perfect for someone whose always on the move.  PugThese adorable smushy-faced creatures will make the perfect condo dog… and could even make you internet famous! People can’t get enough of this quirky breed and it’s largely due to their hilarious attitudes and personalities. They do enjoy a fair amount of exercise however, so make sure they get out for their daily walks to keep them happy!  Boston TerrierThe Boston Terrier can be your small space sidekick… as long as you don’t let them rule the roost. This intelligent breed can be pretty tricky so just ensure that they’re well trained and know whose boss. As long as you keep them in line, they won’t require a ton of fuss and you may even be able to teach them some pretty neat tricks.  A Cat…Now some of you dog lovers out there may be rolling your eyes but cats can make extremely low maintenance condo pets and still show their owners love and affection. Although they may not be as animated or loving as an excited pup, they do allow for much more flexibility in your daily lifestyle. If you’re looking for some pet love, but aren’t ready to commit to the responsibility or expense of a dog, a cute little kitty may be exactly what you’ve needed!   We can’t wait to see all of your cute pet photos up on Instagram this week!! Contest ends this Sunday June 5th so be sure to get your photo posted before then to win!

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