Check out these new shots of Station Park

Check out these new shots of Station Park

By Condo Culture

We took flight above Station Park this week and grabbed some pretty cool new shots of this new project from above. If you’ve walked by, biked past, checked it out from the LRT or driven through Midtown and DTK recently, you’ve probably noticed two new buildings at the much anticipated Station Park development nearing completion - and if you haven’t, we would highly recommend you do. ;)

Station Park Drone-0745

On all of our new projects, we’re lucky enough to see buildings go from initial architectural concept sketches through to high resolution renderings of what it’s planned to be and ultimately through to completion. Flashy, high resolution renderings still get us excited but our favourite part of the process has always been walking through the building for the first time when it’s complete and seeing it truly come to life. This place is buzzing with life and the excitement of new residents who are lucky enough to live here and enjoy the amenities that make this place feel more like a hotel or your ultimate dream home rather than just another condo. From swim spas and hot tubs to a Peloton Studio, full fitness centre and bowling alley among many others these buildings are special and just really incredible places to call home, inspiring you to have fun and be active everyday.

Below is another shot from above where you can see the two existing buildings with construction preparation underway to the right and in the background for the third tower at Station Park known as DUO - scheduled to be complete in early 2026.

Station Park Drone-0740

With the first two buildings now essentially complete, you’re really starting to see the quality and the detail that makes these buildings stand out from the rest. When you purchase in any new project, having an experienced, high-quality builder with a solid reputation is essential for a number of different reasons and when you tour through this building in person, it becomes apparent just how important that is. The finish and attention to detail on the exterior of the building is exceptional but it’s not until you tour through the inside of these buildings that they really shine and the level of quality becomes abundantly clear.

Station Park Exterior-9306

1209-5 Wellington-9175

1209-5 Wellington-9184

1209-5 Wellington-9196

1209-5 Wellington-9190

1209-5 Wellington-9198

1209-5 Wellington-9209

We love this project because of its amazing amenities and a location that’s poised to grow and become increasingly attractive as the area continues to mature around it with the future GO Train station within a 2 minute walk, Google’s office campus literally across the road and a number of new shops, restaurants and offices coming to the base development itself. But one of the things that we’ve grown to like the most about the project now that the first two buildings are complete is the level of execution and quality that’s evident throughout. The growth of the immediate area and next level amenities here make this project attractive to just about anyone we talk to but it’s the quality of the buildings themselves that we think will make residents really enjoy living here and make this project a great place to live or invest for many years to come.

Haven’t toured the building yet? We’d be happy to take you on tour with us so you can check it out for yourself. Hit the links below, give us a shout at the office or DM us on social anytime to book a tour.

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