How HST Applies to Selling Assignments As of May 7th 2022

How HST Applies to Selling Assignments As of May 7th 2022

By Condo Culture

There have been plenty of conversations amongst the real estate community and assignment sellers regarding the Federal government announcing that they will be making HST payable on profits made by either end-user buyers or investors, effective May 7th, 2022.

Here’s What Has Changed

This additional charge has always been in place with HST on profits being the responsibility of the Seller. There were specific workarounds in place which won’t apply anymore. This regulation already applied to investors, so nothing changes with this particular type of purchaser. The government essentially wants to tighten up on end-users purchasing a pre-construction unit and subsequently assigning. So moving forward, regardless if the intention was to move into your unit as an end-user, any profit from any assignment sale will now be subject to HST.

Savings - Have a Professional Team On Your Side

Even if you’re an end-user buyer and need to sell your unit for whatever reason as an assignment sale, you can deduct certain expenses from your profit to reduce the amount of HST you pay. The commission of your REALTOR®, lawyer and accountant fees, other assignment-related costs, upgrades to the property, and additional ones are potentially eligible. It’s certainly possible to save between 15% to 20% on what you need to pay for HST based on leveraging applicable deductions.

We highly recommend having an experienced REALTOR®, accountant, and lawyer representing you who all have experience with assignment transactions. Your team can help you navigate through the process from start to finish and beyond, so there are no surprises along the way and to ensure you feel comfortable knowing that you didn’t pay more in HST than you need to in order to maximize your ROI.

Condo Culture has a vast amount of expertise handling all types of assignment transactions and we are all over new regulations as they morph and change over time, so be sure to reach out for any of your assignment selling or buying needs. Assignments can offer unique value given their off-market nature with less buyer competition. They are a great option to review as you explore all possible Condo purchase possibilities.

A Simple Assignment Selling Example

When selling an assignment unit, you pay HST on the deposits made on the purchase, plus the 13% on the home’s increase in value once the deal is complete.

Let’s look at an example - if you originally bought a condo for $450K and ultimately sold it as an assignment listing for $650K, then you will need to pay an additional 13% HST on the increase of $200K minus any deductions as outlined above.

Current Exclusive Assignment Opportunities

We have a bunch of fantastic assignment buying options available right now, including these two beauties.

Unit 1012 at Station Park in Tower 1

Unit 1012 at Station Park in Tower 1 floorplan


🛌 2 bedrooms
🛀 2 bathrooms
🚘 1 parking spot
🔐 1 locker
⏹ 810 sq.ft. + a 45 sq.ft balcony
⬆ $18.5K in upgrades on the kitchen and bathroom. Corner unit facing King Street with stunning city views.
Expected occupancy: Fall 2022
List price: $699,900

Analysis: This spectacular two-bedroom condo is in a highly sought-after corner unit looking out onto King Street. It’s well priced at $864/sq.ft. and that includes almost $20K in gorgeous upgrades along with a premium lighting package addition, plus a parking spot, as well.

Unit 512 at Station Park in Tower 2

Unit 512 at Station Park in Tower 2 Floorplan


🛌 1 bedroom
🛀 1 bathroom
⏹ 625 sq.ft. + a 60 sq.ft balcony
⬆Entertainment package upgrade included. Corner unit facing both King and Wellington Street with nice 5th-floor views.
Expected occupancy: Early 2023
List price: $510,000

Analysis: This wonderful corner unit has a solid price per square foot at $816 including an entertainment package that has been added. It has a generous amount of space for a 1 bedroom unit and a good-sized balcony to lounge, dine, and entertain

We have helped hundreds of clients navigate the unique assignment selling and buying process, and would love to leverage our deep experience to help you succeed with your future transactions. In addition to our Assignment expertise, we are also experts in Condo Resale and Pre-Construction transactions - we are a full spectrum condo brokerage that’s at your service!

To learn more about our assignment selling and buying approach and unique expertise, be sure to read this informative article and connect with us if you have any questions or got any type of condo business to take care of.

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