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Condo Closing Costs: Specialized Expertise to Support Your Condo Needs

By Condo Culture

When buying a condo for the first time it's important to understand all of the costs associated with your purchase. Some of these costs are more obvious, others you may be unaware of. In this week's video, the Condo Culture team shares some of the costs that home buyers may not know about when purchasing a condo for the first time. These include, status certificates which provide insight into the condo fees and whether there are any special assignments for that building, legal fees, property taxes, HST and occupancy fees which are a portion of condo fees and taxes that should be paid to the builder prior to it being registered. The Condo Culture team of REALTORS® gives you highly specialized Condo expertise to ensure your questions are answered and your purchase goes smoothly. If you are planning a Condo purchase, make sure you are working with an expert who understands the unique aspects of the Condo market including access to offer market opportunities and new projects coming to market.

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