Condo Space - Efficient, Functional Living

Condo Space - Efficient, Functional Living

By Condo Culture

If you are new to condo living, you may have reservations about downsizing, concerns that less space means that you will have to sacrifice comfort. The truth is, if you're living in a single detached home, you may have more space than you need. For instance, that formal living room used only during holidays or guest suite 'just in case' you have a visitor.

Condos are designed to efficiently utilize space by finding creative ways to do more without compromising style. Efficient layouts maximize space and the inclusion of design features like high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows open up and brighten your space. The use of compact appliances, space efficient cabinetry and smart storage further aid in maximizing your available sq. ft. Think about this approach as an emphasis on smarter not larger.

These functional designs also translate into a more environmentally friendly, economical lifestyle. Removal of the unnecessary things that create clutter and collect dust and focuses on the essential in a clean and streamlined living environment. Less furniture, less consumption, less utilities, less bills, less fossil fuels, less waste. Giving a literal meaning to less is really more. The provision of storage lockers in most condominiums also allow you to keep items that are not needed on a day to day basis in convenient, close proximity.

Consider the shared communal spaces offered an extension of your personal living space. Whether entertaining guests, celebrating milestones, working or staying fit, condo amenities like pools, gyms, party rooms, rooftop terraces, visitor suites and lounges facilitate this without the concern of maintenance.

With so many condos in close proximity to the urban core and with great walking scores there also exists ample opportunities for socializing and entertainment even beyond your condominium. Condo dwellers embracing this lifestyle are able to further broaden their options to eat, play and live. Your space then also includes your community, with no need to be confined to your suite or even your building when you can work from a cafe, grab drinks after work at a local restaurant or take your grandkids to the museum all in a five minute walking radius. This moving down in space allows for a moving up in lifestyle.

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