Expert guidance to help secure the perfect tenant for your condo investment

Expert guidance to help secure the perfect tenant for your condo investment

By Condo Culture

The Condo Culture team is excited to see Union Towers at Station Park gearing up for occupancy this winter! If you are an investor client looking for support on renting out your unit, please let us know. We would be happy to assist you in finding a quality tenant. Book a Meeting here to connect with one of our REALTORS and Condo Experts.

Duo at Station Park in Downtown Kitchener

How We Support Landlords

The Condo Culture team has tremendous experience in working with our investor landlord clients to help secure quality tenants for their units. Our dedicated condo focus and experience helps save you time in finding quality tenants through a proven marketing plan and established client database. We help you maximize your return on investment by ensuring that you obtain top rental rates that are appropriate for the market with minimal vacancy.

We do the heaving lifting, screening and paperwork to ensure that you are provided with the best possible candidate for your unit.

Madeline From Condo Culture - Rent Increase

For more information on our landlord services and to book an appointment with one of our REALTORS and condo experts Click Here.

You won’t believe what the next phase of Station Park has in store. DUO (Towers 3 & 4) at Station Park offers one of the best real estate locations in Canada and is poised for strong upside growth. In our featured video we check out the location's proximity to Google which will be home to an estimated 5000 employees upon completion of announced construction.

Register now to learn more & leverage our specialized condo expertise to get in early.

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