A Love for Loft-Style Condos

A Love for Loft-Style Condos

By Condo Culture

One of the reasons we love this city so much is because of the amazing, old factories and historic buildings that have been transformed into loft-style condos and given a new lease on life. Condo developers are taking note of people's love and passion for lofts, and designing new residential buildings with features such as brick feature walls and wooden beams.

We are also feeling the love for lofts and want to share it with you! Check out what we have in store whether you need the perfect piece to add to your already radical space, or are looking for something to make a huge transformation.

Larch blog

This unique clock is a statement piece suitable for any entryway or gallery wall. With a rugged, metal mesh backing and two storage shelves, it would make the perfect place to store keys, sunglasses, and anything else you may need while running out the door.


Bring some light into your space with this adjustable, metal floor lamp. With a look that could fit into any space, whether modern or rustic, it is a statement piece that you can take anywhere!

Brick blog

If you are looking to make a big transformation and add value and that “wow-factor” to your space, then a brick veneer is where it’s at. By using thin brick veneer panels, you can transform a feature wall or your entire space without taking up too much square footage. This brick comes in a variety of styles and colours and also has a paintable version. Available now through request and samples will soon be available in our Kitchener location.

To view loft-style condos that are currently on the local market and other properties of interest, visit our condo listing page now.

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