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Pre-Construction Condo Pricing Compared: Waterloo Region vs Toronto

By Condo Culture

Location, location, location is a common phrase that’s often thrown around in the real estate business, and when it comes to condos, location is such a key factor when people are deciding to buy, sell, rent, or invest in a property.

Every market and every condo development specifically, has different pricing - our goal for this article is to showcase what your money will get you and where using data from Toronto and Kitchener - Waterloo (KW) to provide insightful comparisons.

Chart-Kw Vs. TO

__Current Toronto/GTA Pre-Construction Pricing __

Note that the below Toronto/GTA examples are expected to be move-in ready in the next few years, and some actually began selling in 2021 and in years prior, so the KW examples are even more attractive when you also factor in the significant time differences.

  • Starting from the low $600K’s - Buys you a very small (approx. 360 square feet) unit in the downtown Toronto core with a 2025 occupancy
  • Starting from the mid $700K’s - Buys you a 2 bedroom unit in Mississauga
  • Starting from the $800K’s - Buys you a decent-sized 1 bedroom unit on Toronto’s Queens Quay with a 2024 occupancy

Expected Kitchener - Waterloo Pre-Construction Pricing for 2022

Pre-construction condo pricing within KW is quite attractive, and in fact, on average, is 60% of the cost of Toronto-based units while garnering 80% of rental income.

  • Starting from the mid $400s to low $500s - Buys you a 1 (or 1 + den) bedroom unit in the downtown core with parking included
  • Starting from the low $600K’s - Buys you a 2 bedroom unit in the downtown core with parking included

Aside from the favourable numbers outlined above, there are also other key reasons as to why investing in KW is worth pursuing including being the fastest growing community in Canada, its central location, the low-cost and quality of living, the area is home to world-class academic institutions, and much more - check out our top 6 reasons to invest in Kitchener - Waterloo.

To see what your own condo is worth, or to learn more about KW pre-construction condo opportunities, get in touch with us so Condo Culture can help to make all of your condo hopes and dreams come true.

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