Pro Tips For Downsizing to the Amazing Condo Lifestyle

Pro Tips For Downsizing to the Amazing Condo Lifestyle

By Condo Culture

There comes to be a time in many people’s lives when downsizing from a house to a condo makes a ton of sense. Couples who find themselves becoming empty nesters due to their young adult(s) leaving the home for school or employment, the desire to scale back on square footage when it’s time to retire, when property maintenance is an ongoing hassle, or when the alluring condo lifestyle becomes too attractive to ignore. Downsizing can actually mean upgrading how you live your life on a daily basis.

CC Homes Group - Your Downsizing Experts

If you’re looking to downsize your home, then we’ve got you covered as our CC Homes Group can take care of the entire process from selling your house or townhome to buying your condo. We have worked with countless homeowners over the years to make the complicated buying and selling experience as frictionless as possible.

We will ensure that you make as much profit as possible with the sale of your home, and will work hard to buy an outstanding condo within your budget. To learn more about the expertise that we bring to the downsizing process, message us online, call or text us at 519-774-8700, or visit our Waterloo store at 191 King Street South - just below Bauer Lofts and put our talented REALTOR® team to work for you!

Welcome to Luxury Living at 1705-144 Park

1705-144 Park Street in Waterloo Living Room

We have an incredible and rare 3 bedroom condo that recently just hit the market and is available for purchase. If you have a sizable house and are looking at downsizing options that still offer a good amount of space, then this beauty may be perfect for your needs. Whether you’re downsizing or not, this condo is perhaps one of the most desirable within the Kitchener - Waterloo Region and will make an amazing new home for one lucky buyer.

1705-144 Park Street in Waterloo Kitchen

This 17th-floor sub-penthouse condo offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,353 square feet, a large wrap-around balcony with breathtaking views, an electric vehicle parking spot, and is located in highly sought after Uptown Waterloo. 144 Park offers a few great amenities also including concierge service, a spacious rooftop terrace, a fitness facility, a party room, and even a putting green to keep your golf game sharp when you can’t find the time to hit the links.

Putting Green at 144 Park in Waterloo

View this spectacular condo’s listing for more of the intriguing details, and be sure to set up a private tour if you can envision this unit becoming your next home!

1705-144 Park Street in Uptown Waterloo

The Wonderful Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Every downsizing situation is a little bit different for everyone, but those who make the decision to embrace the value that condos offer are typically convinced by the numerous attractive benefits.

Take Some Money Off the Table

One of the most significant benefits of downsizing is selling your larger and more expensive home and reinvesting into a condo or townhome at a lower price point. This may leave you with hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy as you see fit - vacations, sporting events, a new vehicle, adding to your overall financial portfolio, buying a pre-construction condo as an investment, helping out your kid(s) financially, or whatever interests you the most in life. It can even mean that you get to enjoy retirement a few years earlier than expected, so downsizing may represent freedom and no more long Winters up north.

__No More Property Maintenance and Less Cleaning __

Do you enjoy cleaning your house, shoveling snow, raking leaves, cutting grass, and doing other yard work? The older we get, the less we tend to like doing maintenance around the house and outside. Once you buy into the condo lifestyle, you can forget about most of these tedious chores and spend time doing things you actually love. You will be amazed at how much time you can free up when your interior footprint is reduced, and perhaps the only exterior maintenance you may need to do is keep your balcony’s glass railing sparkling.

Lower Monthly Expenses

Larger properties typically mean having to spend more money on them on a regular basis. When you downsize to a condo, you will quickly notice that your monthly cash flow is greatly improved. Your mortgage payments will be either lower or you may have none at all if you buy your condo with cash thanks to the sale of your house, property taxes are fairly low in condos, property insurance expenses are reduced, overall utility costs drop, and you are ultimately left with more cash in your bank account. You will need to pay monthly maintenance fees at your condo, but they often include heat, air conditioning, and water, and depending on the building, can cover electricity and even high-speed Internet service.

Embrace the Condo Lifestyle

Circa 1877 in Waterloo - Amenities

Living the condo lifestyle means different things to different people. For some, they want to spend lots of time enjoying the amenities - fitness facilities, pools, jacuzzis, rooftop patios with BBQs and entertainment spaces, bowling lanes, billiard tables, media rooms, dog runs, and countless other offerings can keep residents busy on a daily basis. For others, the condo lifestyle may mean relaxing more, enjoying the sights and sounds of urban living, hanging out with new neighbours who quickly become good friends, or lounging on your balcony with a glass of wine and enjoying the incredible sightlines and sunsets. The possibilities really are endless when you get to define what your condo lifestyle looks like.

Pack Up and Go

Vacations and travelling can be daunting at times when living in a house, because there always seems to be so many things to do, even before packing your luggage. Then there are concerns when you’re away that your sidewalk needs to be shovelled, if a storm hits then branches from trees may have fallen onto your lawn, or maybe your heating unit has broken down and your pipes are freezing over. When a condo is your home, you can be relatively stress-free knowing that however you leave your place, it will be waiting for you in the same great condition. When you return, you won’t have to instantly find the energy to do a property lookover and maintenance, and can just relax and reflect on your incredible trip. Coming and going is easily done in a condo, so downsizers have the stress-free flexibility to map out travel as desired, and planning things to do before and after trips is minimal as a result.

Declutter and Start Fresh

806-60 Charlie St WIMG 1647

Houses tend to collect junk that we don’t really need, and clutter can sure add up in a hurry. Unfinished basements, garages, sheds, storage closets, and other spaces are like magnets for things that we think we will use one day, but it doesn’t end up playing out that way. More space usually means more stuff, and it can be stressful - clutter in the house is clutter in the mind. When residing in a condo, you tend to make the most of every square foot and don’t let clutter take over. You can still have a storage locker for items, but they are typically located outside of your unit, so you can pull boxes and larger things out as needed and not have to see piles of stuff every day.

When downsizing, it represents a fresh start. You may have dated furniture that you’ve been looking to unload or even boxes of your kid’s belongings that should have left your home when they did. Downsizing provides the ideal time to get rid of what you don’t need, and provides an opportunity to buy things that you’ve maybe had in the back of your mind for quite some time. A new comfortable couch, entertainment centre, dining room table, or whatever it may be. When you downsize and buy a new place, it’s like a blank canvas and you get to decide how the space is used and designed which can be very liberating.

Downsizers Need to Keep An Eye On Six Sixty

Six Sixty at Belmont in Kitchener We have a bunch of exciting pre-construction condo developments hitting the local market in 2022, and one of the most exciting ones for downsizers is Six Sixty, located at 660 Belmont Avenue West in Kitchener.

Downsizers who want to reduce their home’s square footage but still want a good-sized luxury condo in a nice neighbourhood will find Six Sixty quite appealing. Units are expected to be generous in space and a good number of them will be 2 bedroom options. Lots of details still need to be fleshed out for this exciting development, so sign up for One List and get registered on our Six Sixty building page for updates. You can also explore other pre-construction condo opportunities in the area to discover what else is out there for future downsizing options.

We Are Your Downsizing Experts

Downsizing has a ton of positive elements to embrace, and it’s an exciting new chapter in one’s life. If you’re contemplating selling your house and buying a condo, then the CC Homes Group may be a great fit so you can enjoy condo living from start to finish and leave all of the heavy lifting to us.

Shoot us a message, call us at 519-744-8700, or drop by our Waterloo office at 191 King Street South - just below Bauer Lofts to have a conversation with one of our real estate experts.

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