Save Space in Your Condo Using These Clever Ideas

Save Space in Your Condo Using These Clever Ideas

By Condo Culture

The benefits of living in a condo really are endless. Remarkable amenities and a high walk score are simply and easily, two of the highly sought-after requests by condo homeowners and investors. If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Dundas, Cambridge, or Guelph areas, especially downtown, you just might be missing something extremely useful and precious- SPACE.

Condos Keep Decreasing in Size

Financial Post’s Garry Marr stated in June 2017 that “it’s been said that the average unit size in a condominium in the GTA was 892 sq.ft. in May 2007, and shrunk to 789 sq.ft. by May 2015. They’ve also speculated that one of the unintended consequences of Ontario’s new stronger rent control rules, which targets buildings constructed after 1991 and, therefore, new condos, is that developers will push for smaller units because their tenants don’t stay long-term since they will eventually want to form families and need more space.”

Larger units still exist but are slowly being reduced in pre-constructed projects. Getting your hands on a one bedroom with 1,200+ sq.ft. are few and far between now, and are generally accompanied by a pretty hefty price tag due to low supply and strong demand for them.

Garry Marr went on to say that condo developers seem to have adopted a philosophy of shrinking units until they can meet consumer budgets and bite-sized investor appetite. Condominium sizes have been shrinking for the past decade, at least up until the past two years, and this trend will likely continue going forward.

So how do you live in a smaller space without compromising your creativity and lifestyle? It’s simple, make everything as multi-functional as possible! We’ve selected 5 space-saving ideas that highlight different (and unexpected) ways to save space in your teeny-tiny home.

How to Make Your Condo's Space More Functional

#5: Storage That Won’t Hide That Killer Exposed Brick Wall You Scored When you have a beautiful architectural feature such as an exposed brick wall, you don't want to cover it up with some bulky shelving. This is a simple and cheap solution. Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-1

#4: No Monsters Here That generous amount of space under your bed can be as functional as you'd like. Shoving things under a conventional bed usually means you'll never see those items again. This kind of bed is a fantastic solution to this age-old problem. Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-2

#3: Get This And Eliminate A Whole Table A side table is necessary for all sorts of reasons. This takes care of most of those and takes up no extra space. Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-3

#2: Ironing board mirror How convenient is this?! A 2-in-1 ironing board and mirror. Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-4

#1: Dining table and chairs We spend a big amount of our time in our living rooms, so saving any sort of space is a must - no sacrifice here! This dining set is super convenient while keeping its design on point with or without the use of the chairs. Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-5 Blog-8-Save-space-in-clever-ways-6

We hope these ideas have inspired you to make the most of your home's space. If you're looking to sell, buy, lease, or invest in a unit, then message us now as our team has deep condo expertise and it can be leveraged to help you achieve all of your amazing goals!

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