Save Thousands Off Retail on this New Condo

Save Thousands Off Retail on this New Condo

By Condo Culture

Earlier this Spring, we wrote a blog post on bulk deals and what exactly this means in the world of condos. For us, bulk deals are the ultimate expression of leveraging the power of our investment group to ensure you get the best deal possible and often means thousands of dollars in savings. Years ago, when the market was slower, condo developers were more motivated to offer deep discounts and bulk deals were more common. Now, there often seems to be more buyers than units when we release new projects! Fear not, Condo Culture faithfuls. Despite what continues to be a hot condo market, we have been able to secure an exceptional bulk deal for you and its exclusive to all clients and customers of Condo Culture. What does this mean for you? If you’re an active investor with other condos or looking for your first investment, this deal provides you with an opportunity to purchase at literally thousands of dollars less than retail.

The Summary

Where: Hamilton, ON. One of the fastest growing real estate markets in Southern Ontario. This project is also located in one of Hamilton’s most revered and sought-after neighbourhoods. Great location, great amenities and great rents are the norm here.

When: Now. No expiry date for the bulk deal is established yet but we do have a cap on the number of units we’re able to do and and deals will be done on a first-come, first serve basis so reach out to us as soon as you can.

What: One of the best bulk deal opportunities we’ve seen in the last few years. This bulk deal provides you with an opportunity to purchase an investment condo with exceptional rents at thousands of dollars less than retail. The project will be formally released to the public later this year and through our bulk deal, you have an opportunity to purchase a unit at significantly less than the expected launch price when the project is released in the Fall.

Reason to Believe: We’ve also compared the units to other units in the marketplace and beyond significant discounts off the unit list prices, net effective pricing after all discounts and incentives associated with the bulk deal range between $25,000 and $100,000 less than comparable product in the market. Need a further vote of confidence? We’re buying ourselves!

While we can’t release all of the details in this email, we want to share everything with you. Want to receive more information on this exclusive bulk deal opportunity? Simply reply to this email or reach out to us at with you full name and phone number and we’ll be in touch with everything you need to know to get involved!

Have a great weekend everyone! -Your friends at CC

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