Selling During A Pandemic

Selling During A Pandemic

By Condo Culture

By Sarah Grainger Transaction Coordinator/Sales Representative at Condo Culture

In this week’s blog post, we touch base on the process of selling your home during a pandemic and update you on the current market.

Have you or would you ever consider moving during the pandemic? For some people, they would never even entertain the thought. But for others, they have embraced the thriving market - regardless of the circumstances.

With the majority of us working from home and no longer commuting, there has been a paradigm shift in the real estate market to say the least.

Despite all the curve balls and uncertainties life has thrown at us in the past 12 months, the real estate market has been extremely active.

As we all know, housing is essential and unfortunately, sometimes photos of the house look a lot better on the internet than in-person. Going in-person to view a property is essential to most buyers, which can be a scary factor to a seller.

Strategies such as integrating virtual technology, staging and moving out are some ways that can help land a buyer in the age of social distancing.

HOW HAVE OUR CLIENTS MANAGED DURING THIS TIME? As we continue to work from home, the growing concern of “where do we go during showings?” arises. Where DO you go when someone wants to come see your condo? Though there are limited options depending on what zone we’re in at the given time, Condo Culture suggests the following: going on a walk, going on a drive, grabbing a coffee, visiting family/friends at a social distance, running errands or even staying at a hotel for a few days to allow showings. If your home is priced properly, it will sell a lot quicker, eliminating the number of days showings will take place in your home.

WHY IS THE MARKET SO HOT? To say it’s currently a sellers market would be an understatement. Amidst the pandemic, people are leaving cities and fleeing to lower-density areas, causing a price surge in suburban and rural areas, such as the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Properties are selling in an unprecedentedly short amount of time with multiple offers and sale prices exceeding well over asking.

HOW CONDO CULTURE HELPS OUR CLIENTS STAY SAFE - Condo Culture has integrated new marketing strategies such as virtual tours to make it easier for potential buyers to get a feel of the house.

As a reminder, here’s what we’re doing to help keep our clients safe:

  • Integrating new marketing strategies, such as virtual tours, walk-through videos and more descriptive descriptions
  • Mandatory COVID-19 acknowledgements to be signed by the showing agent prior to entry of the home
  • Mandatory masks and gloves required for guests entering the house
  • Maximum capacity of 2 individuals plus their agent during showings
  • COVID-19 signs upon entry with instructions and rules for entering
  • Mandatory hand sanitizer upon entry of each house
  • Sanitizing wipes available at the front door

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