Top 5 Reasons Why Guelph Condos Are Fantastic to Live and Invest In

Top 5 Reasons Why Guelph Condos Are Fantastic to Live and Invest In

By Condo Culture

*Pictured above: An interior rendering of an Anthem at The Metalworks unit. *

Guelph is an incredible city to live in and Guelph condos are really starting to make their impact with Anthem at The Metalworks recently debuting plus three other phenomenal Metalworks’ buildings that are already home to happy residents. The skyline will continue to change with a brand new high-rise tower in downtown Guelph expected to launch later this year, joining other prominent developments including The Mill Lofts, River Mill Condominiums, River House Condominiums, Market Commons, Wyndamere Place, The Sanctuary, Arkell Lofts, and several others.

There are many reasons why Guelph condos have so much going for them - here are our top 5.

Guelph is One of Canada’s Top Cities to Live In

Downtown Guelph Ontario

We tend to see Guelph pop up on various lists on an annual basis as one of the best places to reside in within Canada. Millennials in particular, are gravitating towards the city according to an article from GuelphToday in June of 2021 - making it a real hot spot for this key demographic.

Reasons why Guelph is such an attractive place to live, is because the city has a high standard of living overall, there are lots of high-paying jobs, the unemployment rate is quite low - so employment options are readily available, there are quality schools, the crime rate is low, the city is rich in history, there are many parks and trails, and so much more. With an increasing number of top-tier condos emerging in Guelph, this will only help add to the city’s allure - especially for younger people who are buying their first home and looking to put down roots long-term.

Superb Prices and Rental Income Growth

Over the past few years, Guelph condos and townhomes have experienced strong price growth and rental units continue to gain, as well, which is ideal for investors and their cash flow situations.

Average sale prices for Guelph condos over the past year have gone from $485,378 in April 2021 to $613,996 in April 2022 - an increase of 26.5%. Median sale prices were $454,500 in April 2021 and sit at $595,990 as of April 2022 - an increase of 31.1%.

Average sale prices for Guelph townhomes over the past year have gone from $651,676 in April 2021 to $804,202 in April 2022 - an increase of 23.4%. Median sale prices were $661,000 in April 2021 and moved up to $800,000 in April 2022 - an increase of 21.0%.

The average monthly rental rate in the city is roughly $2,500/month and the vacancy rate is hovering around 2%, so the prospects are fantastic for real estate investors looking for solid cash flow opportunities.

Anthem at The Metalworks presents an intriguing value proposition as the price per square foot is very reasonable for the Guelph market, so end-users and investors alike will find this new luxury development particularly attractive.

Condo Culture Simplifies the Leasing Experience

New Leasing Experience on

We recently launched a brand new rental management feature on our website that allows prospective tenants to apply online and fill out the lease agreement - making everything as easy as possible for all parties involved. Simply search and find a rental unit that appeals to you and your needs, and click on the “START AN OFFER” button to navigate through the quick and easy process.

On the resale side, we make it easy to discover new potential homes and investments to either book a private tour in person or via video chat. We want to make everything as efficient and straightforward as possible no matter what you’re looking to buy or lease, and will continue to invest in technology to deliver top-caliber experiences.

Quality Amenities and Amazing Views

Sunrise Deck of Anthem at The Metalworks In Guelph

Two of the most appealing features of the condo lifestyle are the amenities and the views. There are numerous condo buildings in Guelph that offer both in abundance.

Anthem will feature a bunch of unique amenities including a piano lounge, a social club, a pet spa, a sunrise deck (pictured above), and others to explore. Developers are really elevating their focus around amenities for their Guelph properties, and this forward-thinking mentality is grabbing the attention of buyers and investors from all over.

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on a balcony high up above ground level and admiring all of the area’s sightlines? Condo living presents the best views for any type of home option, and residents and their guests take full advantage of them. If you have any incredible view-related photos you’ve taken from your Guelph condo, then be sure to share them with us on Instagram as we thoroughly enjoy a breathtaking view. There are plenty of high-rise and mid-rise buildings across Guelph, and the views are remarkable across The Royal City and only getting better as more beautiful buildings continue to go up.

Lots of Attractions and Great Lifestyle Options

Trail and River in Guelph Ontario

If you appreciate history and historic buildings and landmarks, then Guelph should fascinate you as the city was established almost 200 years ago, and has 100 designated heritage properties - many were built in the 1850’s. Guelph Civic Museum celebrates its city’s roots with several annual events, and it really helps to maintain a strong culture and sense of community across the city.

Are you into arts and culture? Then you will appreciate the impressive collection of art galleries, music venues, and live entertainment venues. From the Art Gallery of Guelph, McCrea House, River Run Centre, independent art studios, and more, there’s a surprising number of destinations to immerse yourself in when you call Guelph your home.

If you enjoy the great outdoors - Guelph has a number of parks with more than 1,000 hectares of land to navigate, and there are 70+ kilometres of trails to walk, bike, or rollerblade on. Plus, strolling around the urban areas of the city is fantastic as it’s kept in pristine condition, there are several outdoor patios to dine out on, outdoor sports to play, you can go canoeing or kayaking down the Eramosa River or the Speed River, and you’re really only limited by your imagination for what you can see and do outside while in Guelph.

An Excellent Location

Guelph Ontario on a Map

*The image above is courtesy of Google Maps. *

Guelph’s location is ideal since it’s not far from Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and the GTA, Niagara Falls, Stratford, the United States, and loads of other cities and towns. Public transportation in the city is good, so you can easily get around the city limits and beyond using it, or jump in your vehicle, and in an hour's drive or less you can explore the best of what southwestern Ontario has to offer. If you’re looking for a central location to call home, then Guelph is pretty much in the centre of it all and should absolutely be on your shortlist.

We are condo selling, buying, leasing, and investing experts around Guelph and the Tri-City area, and would love to be part of your real estate journey. Whether you want to do a pre-construction, assignment, or resale type of transaction, our team of REALTOR®s has specialized condo expertise that can add a lot of value to what you’re looking to do. Message us online so we can learn more about your story and exciting goals, and we can collaborate together on a winning strategy that’s poised for success right from the beginning.

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