We want to move right into this gorgeous hard loft

We want to move right into this gorgeous hard loft

By Condo Culture

We have a soft spot for lofts, especially hard lofts with authentic features that make them unlike any other type of space. We have some amazing lofts locally but there are a few buildings in particular that have true hard loft appeal with soaring ceilings, oversized factory windows and exposed brick, wood and concrete elements. Because they are usually converted from former industrial buildings, they’re not building any more of them either, making authentic hard lofts increasingly rare and unique.

One of our favourite hard loft buildings locally is the Arrow Lofts. Soaring ceilings, oversized factory style windows, exposed mechanicals and beautifully shaped concrete pillars reminiscent of early 1900s industrial architecture. This building is really, really easy on the eyes and if you’re on the hunt for an authentic loft, this one should definitely be on your short list.

Our newest listing at the Arrow Lofts exudes this and more. In addition to the hard loft features found throughout the building, this unit features custom masonry work throughout the interior adding exposed brickwork that is perfectly suited to the industrial aesthetic. We find hard lofts often feel much bigger than they are because of the added sense of space provided by the higher ceilings but this unit doesn’t need any help in that department. At over 1450 square feet, this unit provides a sense of space that few other condos can offer. So if you’re looking for the ultimate hard loft with space to spare, this just may be the one.

224- 112 Benton St-9762.jpg

224- 112 Benton St-9763

224- 112 Benton St-9791.jpg

224- 112 Benton St-9808

224- 112 Benton St-9815

While the interior photography and videography of this unit is fantastic, you really have to see a unit like this in person to truly appreciate it. Check out the unit in 3D by clicking ‘Virtual Tour’ via the below link or book a private in-person tour with the member of the Condo Culture team here.

Formerly the Arrow Shirt factory, the Arrow Lofts building was redeveloped in 2012 by Auburn Homes. It is one of only 6 true hard loft condominium buildings in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and the only hard loft at this end of Downtown. Auburn did a fabulous job with the amenities here. From the moment you walk into the main lobby you get a sense of quality. All of the spaces are filled with modern furnishings that create a perfect juxtaposition against the original factory backdrop. The amenities provide everything you need too. From a full fitness centre on the top floor of the building, one of the best feeling rooftop terraces we’ve seen locally and a lobby that will make you and any of your guests immediately feel like you’ve arrived home, this is a property you’ll be proud to call home. There are a lots of other amenities both inside and immediately surrounding the building too. From a resident’s lounge and meeting room to secure onsite bike storage, sauna and movie theatre for rainy days or lazy nights in.

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-9956

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-0770

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-9960

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-9947

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-9929

112 Benton St Amenities and Exteriors-9953

But the true joy of living at the Arrow Lofts is taking advantage of all the things to do outside and in the immediate vicinity of the building. Located mere steps from Victoria Park and the Iron Horse Trail, you can easily head out for a run through the park, enjoy a connection to near endless biking trails, or take in one of the great festivals or entertainment this area has to offer throughout all seasons of the year. From live music and festivals in the summer to ice skating in the winter, this location is perfect for those who love to get outdoors and stay active while being close to everything downtown has to offer.

Kitchener Victoria Park Drone shot

Want to learn more or schedule a tour? Give us a shout or reach out to us via the link below.

Learn more about Suite 224 @ the Arrow Lofts

Have a great weekend and happy loft shopping ;)


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