Why Waterloo Condos Are Highly Desirable to Live In

Why Waterloo Condos Are Highly Desirable to Live In

By Condo Culture

Waterloo is an incredible city to live, work, and play in, and as a result, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in all of Canada. With an increasing number of people moving to the area, Waterloo condos are skyrocketing in demand.

Why do Waterloo Condos have so much appeal?

The city itself is amazing

Let’s first touch on the city of Waterloo, it’s very central in Southwestern Ontario, so getting to Toronto and the GTA, Niagara Falls, London, the United States, and other significant cities and towns is only a 60-90 minute drive away.

Waterloo is a fabulous place to raise a family with excellent schools, parks, entertainment, restaurants, sports leagues, among many other attractions, plus it’s very safe which is important to parents. Most people are very friendly and that goes a long way from a community-building perspective.

There are many quality jobs in Waterloo including a booming technology sector - some people have even dubbed the area Silicon Valley North. There are hundreds of thriving tech businesses here, and each year we are seeing thousands of new career opportunities surfacing as a result. The city also has a strong financial and manufacturing presence as well, so there are lots of incredible jobs to suit a wide array of individuals.

Waterloo’s weather has a nice balance of four distinct seasons and there’s lots to do in each of them. There are ski hills, plenty of golf courses, bars and clubs, the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers hockey team, festivals including the world’s second-largest Oktoberfest, museums, live shows, and plenty of other things to see and do. Plus, getting around the city to explore and work is relatively easy with minimal traffic jams to deal with.

Homes are great value purchases

Real estate prices continue to rise, but the city of Waterloo is still relatively affordable when you consider prices from nearby cities and towns. Compared to Toronto, Waterloo condos are, on average, roughly 60% of the cost. When you factor in everything that Waterloo has to offer its residents, there’s fantastic value from a pricing point of view, and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Amazing new condo developments keep popping up

The city of Waterloo is experiencing incredible population growth and will continue to for decades to come, and new condo developments are consistently being built to accommodate the unprecedented demand. The Jake (located at 101 Golden Eagle Road) is one such new development and units will start going on sale in the not too distant future. Moda and another project at 6 Regina Street North are two other notables that will launch in 2022, and we expect the years ahead to bring many other exciting new developments to Waterloo, as well.

Amenities keep getting better and better

Putting Green at 144 Park in Waterloo

Over the past few years, we have witnessed condo developers in Waterloo making building amenities a key focus. 155 Caroline has a huge rooftop putting green, Circa 1877 (located at 181 King Street South) has a gorgeous rooftop swimming pool, 144 Park has a movie theatre, Seagram Lofts (located at 3-5 Father David Bauer Drive) has an outstanding rooftop patio to entertain on, Alex Lofts and the list goes on and on. Residents of condos highly value buildings that provide not only a place to live in, but a place that provides a sense of community with things to do without having to leave the property.

Local developers and ones coming to Waterloo understand the importance of making their buildings actual destinations now, and with spectacular amenity experiences, charging stations for electric vehicles, concierge services, and more, it’s attracting the interest of all types of clients from first time home buyers, downsizers, families, company executives, and people from all walks of life.

Maintenance and repairs are minimal

A really nice aspect of living in Waterloo condos is that you don’t need to worry about shoveling snow, raking leaves, cutting grass, cleaning gutters, repaving a laneway every few years, and other responsibilities that house owners need to constantly tend to. Plus, monthly costs are consistent from month to month through condo maintenance fees, so budgeting is easier and more predictable, and you don’t need to worry about potential high unexpected costs that come with owning a house.

A secure feeling

Condos in Waterloo are generally quite secure thanks to exterior and interior cameras that keep a close eye on properties, ones with concierge service add another layer of protection, plus neighbours tend to watch out for one another. Going on vacation or leaving a unit for an extended period of time doesn’t have to be stressful since condo buildings and units are rarely broken into, giving residents a sense of relief when away from home.

Public transportation keeps expanding and improving

Kitchener - Waterloo’s city planners are heavily investing in public transportation to better connect not only the Tri-Cities but to nearby cities as well including Toronto. On June 21st, 2019, the ION LRT launched to a ton of fanfare, helping to reduce traffic congestion on the roads, and moving people around the area quicker and more efficiently. Phase 2 of the project is currently being mapped out to provide a route to downtown Galt in Cambridge and other locations in between, so the area's leadership is doing a solid job of thinking big about transportation infrastructure to meet the explosive long-term population growth requirements.

If you have an interest in condos for sale in Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, or elsewhere, be sure to connect with the Condo Culture team to share your current or future needs, and let us do all of the leg work for you. Selling, buying, leasing, or investing in a condo is actually quite straightforward when you have a top-tier team in place helping you out, and collaborating with a quality real estate brokerage and agent is paramount. You can also meet one of our local experts at our Condo Culture Waterloo store which is conveniently located under the Bauer Lofts (191 King Street South) in Uptown Waterloo.

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